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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Aim to produce worldclass standards in the Jam Industry by establishing beneficial and profitable partnerships with the local farmers and local communities striving to satisfy the consumers tastes and needs.


To become a global leader home based entrepreneurs in the Jam Industry, dedicated to provide fresh, natural and pure jam with the highest standard of quality and health.


First, we aim to produce a fresh and natural; then, chemical free; and most importantly, healthy and nutritious; and lastly, delicious homemade products that will answer your needs.


Aim to produce pure, farm fresh fruits in the form of jam. The fruits used are all naturally grown and chemical free. And most importantly, we aim to provide 100% no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. Also to facilitate farmers to have their farms maintain in natural farming to sustainbuy the productivity.


At first, Rosh LinÒFarre start-out as a typical home based entrepreneur who wants to put up a food business. However, as we move forward we wanted to become a leading entrepreneurs in agribusiness sector.

Most importantly, we would like to produce products using an innovative marketing techniques, with unique brand. Moreover, we venture into homemade food products like:

  • jams
  • vinaigrettes (salad dressing)
  • Herbs

As we want to impart healthy homemade food products for the family while experiencing and balancing the joys that life brings.