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Our Story


In 2017, Rosh LinÒFarre was established on 22nd of May.

The brand name Rosh is a combination of the founders name and also a Hebrew word that signifies head, leader and beginning.

On the other hand, LinÒFarre is the abbreviation of Linao Organic Farm Resort.

Rosh LinÒFarre brand start-out with the production of homemade jams and vinaigrettes (salad dressing) later in 2017.

However, Rosh LinÒFarre discontinued its homemade food products because we constantly look for natural and healthy ingredients from the local market.

We do this considering it is the only way to run a sustainable business.

We also take into account the factors that effect the supply and demand of products within the market.

In 2018, Rosh LinÒFarre introduced several production of homemade jam collections inspired by local fruits.

Presented four variants of jams namely:

After that, the brand name was able to begin with some variations like Guava Lemongrass Jam and Durian Jam.

It was also in 2018 when the Vinaigrette (Salad Dressing) was started and introduced in the market. 

At Rosh LinÒFarre, we will continue to develop quality homemade food products.

With these, we will constantly innovate healthy homemade food products and will stay genuine.

Rosh LinÒFarre guarantee that will continue to maintain its commitment in offering healthy homemade food products to relate the lives of those customers who are engaged into guilt-free lifestyle.

Expect that our customers will stay to experience superb products and satiate the natural flavor of our homemade food products divulged by Rosh LinÒFarre.