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About Us

About Us

Rosh LinÒFarre is an agribusiness company registered in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur on May 22, 2017.

The company’s objective is to produce a natural and chemical free products to use in food processing.

Whilst doing so, we believe we help in establishing beneficial and profitable partnerships with local farmers and the local community.

In the beginning, Rosh LinÒFarre start-out as a typical home based entrepreneur who wants to put up a food business.

Since, the main ingredients are naturally grown and readily available so we venture into homemade food products like:

  • jams
  • vinaigrettes (salad dressing)
  • Herbs

Then, we initially sell to customers directly by word of mouth.

Homemade Jams

At Rosh LinÒFarre, we want to impart healthy homemade food products for the family while experiencing and balancing the joys that life brings.

We offer healthy food products to those who are health conscious and non-health conscious alike.

We continuously search for amazing natural ingredients from the local market bringing our customers products with:

  • superb and,
  • natural satiated flavors.

At Rosh LinÒFarre, we innovate several jam collections inspired by local fruits.

Furthermore, we have developed a packaging that will suit your giveaway needs.

Moreover, our homemade jams are perfect for:

  • travelers as “pasalubong” or gift given,
  • as well as for friends get-together and,
  • family gatherings.

Additionally, for special occasions such as:

  • weddings
  • baptisms
  • birthdays or office parties
  • and also we personalize jam flavors and labels as giveaways.

As a simple breakfast treats for early morning and snacks in our homemade jams are slathered into toasted or fluffy bread.

Moreover, a perfect spread for:

  • cookies
  • biscuits or galletas and,
  • served with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

Lastly, in hotels and inns list of pastries it is a perfect ingredient for more creative and delicious fruit, pastries mini-tarts served as a nice little dessert.


Rosh LinÒFarre is dedicated to develop:

  • healthy and luxury homemade food products and,
  • maximizing the use of local resources.

Most importantly, we can guarantee that we will stay true to our commitment to:

  • continue
  • innovate and,
  • develop quality superb food products for future services.