Don’t you know that Bislig City has Delicious Foods/Recipes and Delicacies that is worth Spending?

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Bislig was becoming known due to its campaign for OA (Organic Agriculture) and due to its beautiful spots, namely Tinuy-an Falls or known for its A.K.A as (Little Maria Christina Falls).

But don’t you know that Bislig City has delicious foods/Recipes and Delicacies that is worth buying and should try on? Once you’ve tried this recipes mind you, it can change your taste preferences!

Bislig has different kind of restaurants that you can choose from with different menus and specialty. Each restaurant has a unique specialty that you can enjoy while you are staying in Bislig.

The following are the restaurant that you can enjoy with your family and friends while staying in Bislig City:

Ocean View Park Restaurant

Ocean View Park Restaurant is known for its large and delicious Burger that you will never forget and they have a lot of menus that you can choose from and you can assure that you’ll surely enjoy all the food and the views as ocean view park has a great view and doll house that you can enjoy.

Zams Food and Fudge

Zams  Food and Fudge is known for its deliciously unique taste of Choco – Moist Cake that is incomparable. Aside from that, they also offer Delicious Spaghetti, Lasaña, combo meals and many more that will surely exceed your expectation.

Sea Tiger Cove

Sea Tiger Cove that is known for it’s Delicious Chili Crab as their specialty that you will surely be amazed by its taste. Not only that, they also have another way of cooking the crab that you will surely love.

Icebergs Restaurant

And if you are looking for something cold, Icebergs Restaurant has a big and delicious Halo- halo that you can enjoy specially during hot weather. They also offer other recipes that you can choose from that you will surely love and enjoy.

My Dung Restaurant

My Dung Restaurant specialty is delicious chicken and fish Fillet. Aside from that, My Dung also is one of the class restaurant in Bislig where you can set business meetings and other important events there.

My Dung also is one of the preferred restaurant due to its good taste in terms of foods and very decent place.

Coffee Shop

When it comes to Coffee Shops, Tea Avenue is the best place to relaxed while drinking a cup of your favorite coffee and if you want to put a small amount of peppermint as a coffee add on, it is available only at Rosh LinOFarre.

And lastly, if you are looking for a healthy and nutritious spread for your dull bread Fruit Jam is also available at Rosh LinOFarre.

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