Do you know that Healthy and Nutritious Food helps our body avoid a lot of diseases?

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According to studies, healthy and nutritious food everyday and making it a habit help our body to Loss Weight. Losing Weight reduces the risk of developing chronic conditions like:

Normally, an unhealthy diet mostly leads to Obesity and leads to a higher chance of developing a cancer. Based on American Society of Clinical Oncology report last 2014, “obesity contributed a worse outlook for people with cancer.”

Phytochemicals found in Fruits, vegetable, nuts and Legumes help our cells fight against cancer.

Not only that, healthy and nutritious food helps:
  • manage our blood glucose levels
  • keep track of our blood pressure and cholesterol within its normal range
  • prevent diabetes from developing in our body or delay complications of diabetes in our body and,
  • Also, helps our body fight and prevent stroke.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, “up to 80 percent of cases of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented by increasing levels of physical activity and eating healthy foods.”

Hence, healthy foods with adequate calcium and magnesium helps our teeth and our bones become stronger.

Maintaining our bones health helps prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis later in our life.

And also, according to research diet with high glycemic load may cause increased symptoms of depression and fatigue while healthy diet may improve our overall mood.

So basically, eating healthy foods help us reduce depression.

Healthy and nutritious food helps improve our memory as healthy foods help prevent our body from dementia and cognitive decline.

Healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains produces prebiotics and probiotics that help good bacteria in our body to thrive in our colon.

Naturally occurring bacteria that found in our colon plays an important roles in metabolism and digestion. Therefore, this healthy food helps our entire body to stay healthy.

Most importantly, eating healthy foods and making it a habit helps ensure the health of our next generation as kids adopt this habit and passed down generations of generations.

Researchers also found out that family eating habit will be adopted or can influence to make it also their habit.

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